Some Completed Projects


Assorted Kitchen Units

The sky is the limit, from Country Style to Sleek and Modern we can assist you with a Brand new Kitchen Set or just Assist with Revamping your existing Units.

Built-in Units

An Assortment of built-in Units

Built-in Units can consist of a small bathroom vanity to a beautiful staircase, have a look at some of our units anyone would love to have permanently a part of their home.

large installations

Business and Large Residential

In this section we have some Business Creations we have contributed to , From a desk for a Reception area to a Beautiful Coffee Bar.


Steyn City Aviary

Beautiful Collaboration with Peter’s Metals on Mr Steyn’s Custom Built Aviary.

Free Standing Units

Assorted free standing units

A small Assortment of the Free Standing units we have created.



Beautiful furniture creations.